• Free Tutorials

    Our tutorials are conducted on the basis that each student will receive face-to-face tutorials from one volunteer teacher for addressing his/her particular needs.

    Free Tutorials
  • Registered with the Government

    We are a Non-Profit Organization recognized by the HKSAR Government. We provide one-to-one tutorials and other educational services to the under-privileged children free of charge.

    Registered with the Government
  • Education for All

    We firmly believe that every student in Hong Kong, irrespective of their family backgrounds and their financial difficulties, so long as they are eager to learn, they should be given the necessary learning opportunities and educational support.

    Education for All

Current status of the matching process for the free one-to-one tutorials

Number of students registered︰11,592

Number of volunteer teachers registered︰10,549

Pairings of matched teachers and students︰9,383

(As of 18 Jul, 2017)

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